Hotel Drawings

Here are a few drawings from my time in Chicago.  I have been toying with lines and layers of color in my paintings for a while and since I don’t have my oils I thought I’d play with lines of color in my sketchbook.  These are my favorites so far.

And since I’ll be here for a while, I can only assure that there will be more – Stay tuned.


Yellow on Red


Yellow on Red

24″ x 36″

Oil on Canvas

I’m gonna be honest here.  This is not my favorite painting thus far.  It just didn’t come through the way I’d expected.  For right now I’m keeping it with the series I’m working on now.  It’s entirely possible that I’ll paint over this in the future.  We’ll see how it looks on the wall for a while, I’ll get back to you.

Also, the picture I took doesn’t really do it justice.  The top half is really washed out, its more vibrant hat that.  I’m looking into getting a professional the capture my paintings for a portfolio.  I’ll make you guys a slideshow when hat happens.