The Assignment


I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing blogs.  That’s ok, I like to think my work can speak for itself.  That being said I hadn’t been producing that much work over the last year anyway, so, no excuses really.

LinesNow, to be fair, we did put our house up for sale and went on a five month road trip to find the next place we wanted to live (if you are interested and are somehow unaware of our exploits you can read all about it here).Lines 2

I was going to use that time to explore my work and try and find new inspiration in drawing.  Well, it didn’t happen like I thought it would.  I mean I did some work when we were in places for longer periods of time, but ultimately I didn’t produce anything that really made me feel productive or particularly creative.

2015-12-20 14.57.50So I wrote about my creative block on the above mentioned blog during our trip.  That’s when I received an assignment from Elizabeth – an artist and teacher friend of mine (you can check out her stuff here).  She thought I could use it as a way to jump start my creativity – I could just do the assignment and it would be new and different and it would potentially lead me back to my own creativity.  I had a plan to follow and the assignment looked like this:

Microsoft Word - Elizabeth Assignment.docx
2015-12-31 15.22.44And I did it.  All of it – the evidence is literally all over this blog post.  Well… except for creating a return assignment.  Nor did I do the extension on Daniel Spoerri – but I looked him up, and that counts for something.  It all took me a few months to complete.  I went in spurts of manic drawing and slow tracing to get it done.  As it turns out I was the first to complete an assignment from Elizabeth – ever (brown-noser, teacher’s pet, etc., etc.).

Tracing on the Mac

It taught me a few things about myself and my creativity.  I taught me that I need to actively search for inspiration through new artists (new to me anyway) and see what they are doing – explore more.  It taught me that I work best with a project or a theme and it helps if there are a few external motivations to help me along.  And it taught me that my friends are out there for help when I need it.




Open for Business

This is an official notice:

I am currently taking commissions on Paintings and Relief Prints.

Please send all inquiries to

Why? Because one just wasn’t enough.

EaselsSo I had this thought yesterday – “It sure would be nice to be able to work on two projects at a time, I wonder how I could do that?”  I didn’t think that long and hard about it as I was  blowing through some TV show episodes on Netflix.  When I pryed myself away from watching television, I started playing a video game on ye old xbox.  Then it hit me.  I remembered that I put my old easel in the cellar as it was taking up too much space in the closet.  BAM!  Problem solved, now I can work on two different projects at once.  Thanks Brian!



There are just some artists who call out to you like a beacon in the storm.  They pull you in the right direction and help you avoid the rocky shore, so long as your listening and looking.  So, here are the artists that I consider to be my inspiration guides, and the ones who influence me the most.

First Up: Mark Rothko

(Obviously, I talk about him enough)

rothko greenNumero Dos:  Richard Diebenkorn

Ocean Park 126Thirdly: Edward Hopper

Sun Empty RoomLastly: Barnett Newman

First Station 1958You should check them out if you get a chance.

Oils, and sketches

I have decided that my next project will be in oils and will be of substantial size.  I haven’t decided what I will be working on yet, but I will say that I will not be painting people just yet.  I used to be afraid to paint people because it was a hard question to ask someone off the street – “Can I paint you?” – and not feel weird about it later.  Then you think oh, I could paint friends of family.  Nope, not interested – I get to see you all the time, plus I have pictures, and Facebook.  Logically you then move to what you learned in school and think about hiring a model.  At this point all I hear is this: “Wait, you paid how much to have someone stand in our house and do nothing, for how long?” and/or “Why not ask me, I’ll pose for you?”. Too much pressure, just sayin’.  Right off the bat that is.  And then to back track a little, there are always workshops and drawing sessions with models that pop up sporadically through the months.  I digress though; what I realy am just saying is that I am considering eventually painting people.  Preferably people I don’t know.

Also, and I know I’ve mentioned this before, I want to do more sketching.  I keep seeing sketches pop up here and there that I think are cool and think to myself, why don’t I do that?  Well, I’d have to have paper, and I’d also have to use it, with a utensil.  Apparently that’s too hard for me to do on a regular basis.  I’m gonna keep trying though.  I gots me’s some idears.  So hopefully I’ll just be posting weird and/or incomplete things a little more frequently.

Lastly, Sarah and I have been talking about getting new tattoos.  I think I might get a Rothko on my arm.

P.S.  I’m thinking of brining back Art Nouveau, I’ll be the new Alphonse Mucha.  We’ll see.

Don’t worry I have been working, sort of.

So I’ve been working on, what seems like a million, different things over the last month.  I’ve been working on the house fixing little things, picking out paint with the wife, actually painting the walls in my house, and all those random organizational things that you always say you’ll do tomorrow (and believe me there is still plenty left to do).  I began taking a User Experience class with a school I’ve been working with in my job to, yes, probably change my career track. My company recently got sold to our biggest competitor and I’ve been working with the new bosses/owners and that has been a long ride and will probably continue to be a long ride for a few more months at least.  Its exciting but also a little sad.  The wife and I will be going to Missouri here in a few weeks for a wedding and my pop’s b-day.  Then were off to London, then Paris for another wedding.  We are very excited to do some more traveling abroad!  That being said I have still found a small amount of time to work on some projects.  Remember the Tree?  Here is a snippet of where I’m at with all the moulding and crackle goodness it deserves.


Also I’m working on a print too.  But alas I have nothing to show for it yet…

The Twelve

Read Good Stuff

Ok, so I’m just gonna start with the fact that I wasn’t that impressed with act two from The Passage author Justin Cronin. Don’t get me wrong it was a good read. But after The Passage rocked my world I expected a little more. Maybe that’s where I went wrong. Too high of expectations can ruin the best of anything. The story just wasn’t that compelling. It kept building toward a climax that just seemed too convient for me. Just a little too neat. Amy and Alicia are the heart of this particular story even though you are lead through many peoples lives and struggles.

For those of you just now reading this, I accidentally published this blog before I was finished working on it.  I apologize. Tell everyone you know who read this already to head back this way for the conclusion. Or not, it’s your call.  Here it is…

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Maybe I should be a printmaker

I think I really like printmaking.  A lot.  The type of work and the finished products are so astounding.  Its a wonder I never tried this before!  I think I will just have to balance my time between painting and printing.  Also, here are a few links to some of my Seattle friends work, I think you’ll like them.

Don Deleva – Painter, Printmaker, Halo aficionado

Thomas Workman – Painter, Printmaker, and other stuff

Chris Rollins – Printmaker, and other stuff