Holiday Art Part 2

Stephens -1

Stephens – Ink Canvas Print

So this, amazingly, was my first foray into photoshoping anything other than adjusting color and contrast on photos.  I was originally looking at name images made from photos of railings, tree formations, and whatnot.   Those, however are expensive.  I then thought – I should do that myself.  Needles to say my wife looked at me dubiously, and I had to agree a little bit.  Finding enough things around seattle in a short amount of time that would resemble all the letters in the name Stephens would be a hard prospect.  I then had an excellent idea.  My brother-in-law and my nephews really like superheroes.  My sister does too, but you know, probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for them.  So I set out to write Stephens with super hero symbols.  That was a bit hard as well because a lot of superheroes don’t use letters for logos or symbols, they use an animal or an image of their specific trait.  So I got the four easiest ones I could find and then I cut the others out of the comic title of a few supers.  I then took the image into work to print on canvas from our large format printer.  Because the image quality on a few of the comics was poor, I couldn’t print too big so I printed it roughly 10 x 24.  I decided to make a black border so that after I stretched it (and they opened it at the festivities) they could hang it up right away without needing a frame.  Anyway it was a fun project that made me think I should do a little more with Photoshop in the future.