In the first few months since we arrived in Minneapolis I have already finished two new paintings, run a print for the new print exchange, and stumbled upon a new drawing series.   I’ve joined the local arts association – NEMAA.  aaw_logo_2_rI have even started a new job in a new line of work with Amazon.  Working for Amazon has been good, but has also presented a few challenges.  Like training in Chicago for four months and only being home for three days every few weeks.  This alone makes it hard to finish projects – mainly because when I’m home I’m spending my time with Sarah.

Normally I don’t like to toot my own horn (or really draw any attention to myself at all), but I have also managed to land a spot in the biggest Art event in Minneapolis – the Art-A-Whirl.  While I don’t have a studio in one of the many cool art buildings, nor am I willing to have random people tramp through my house, I have managed to get aFDBLDG few of my pieces into a really cool spot in the Northeast Arts District- The Food Building.  I will be showing my work and hanging out at the Food Building all three days of the Art-A-Whirl Friday May 20th through Sunday May 22nd.  Stop by Art-A-Whirl if you are in the neighborhood, pick up an original piece or two, and maybe I’ll see you there.

I plan on drawing up a few relief prints to sell in addition to my paintings, however I don’t have any concrete ideas set just yet.  Check out the top painting contenders below.  Also click on the images to check out the Art-A-Whirl and Food Building Websites.


Yellow on Red


Yellow on Red

24″ x 36″

Oil on Canvas

I’m gonna be honest here.  This is not my favorite painting thus far.  It just didn’t come through the way I’d expected.  For right now I’m keeping it with the series I’m working on now.  It’s entirely possible that I’ll paint over this in the future.  We’ll see how it looks on the wall for a while, I’ll get back to you.

Also, the picture I took doesn’t really do it justice.  The top half is really washed out, its more vibrant hat that.  I’m looking into getting a professional the capture my paintings for a portfolio.  I’ll make you guys a slideshow when hat happens.