In the first few months since we arrived in Minneapolis I have already finished two new paintings, run a print for the new print exchange, and stumbled upon a new drawing series.   I’ve joined the local arts association – NEMAA.  aaw_logo_2_rI have even started a new job in a new line of work with Amazon.  Working for Amazon has been good, but has also presented a few challenges.  Like training in Chicago for four months and only being home for three days every few weeks.  This alone makes it hard to finish projects – mainly because when I’m home I’m spending my time with Sarah.

Normally I don’t like to toot my own horn (or really draw any attention to myself at all), but I have also managed to land a spot in the biggest Art event in Minneapolis – the Art-A-Whirl.  While I don’t have a studio in one of the many cool art buildings, nor am I willing to have random people tramp through my house, I have managed to get aFDBLDG few of my pieces into a really cool spot in the Northeast Arts District- The Food Building.  I will be showing my work and hanging out at the Food Building all three days of the Art-A-Whirl Friday May 20th through Sunday May 22nd.  Stop by Art-A-Whirl if you are in the neighborhood, pick up an original piece or two, and maybe I’ll see you there.

I plan on drawing up a few relief prints to sell in addition to my paintings, however I don’t have any concrete ideas set just yet.  Check out the top painting contenders below.  Also click on the images to check out the Art-A-Whirl and Food Building Websites.


X Print Exchange

I’ve jumped back on the printmaking bandwagon again.  It seems I just can’t get enough.

The theme of this exchange is Songs of Nick Drake.  Interesting I know, also possibly very depressing.  I have already chosen my song – From the Morning from the Pink Moon album.

I will be working some ideas out in the next week or two and will post on my progress as it happens.

I’ve linked the image below to where you can listen to a piece of it, it’s track #11.

nick-drake-pink-moonYou can also link to the lyrics by clicking here.


“The Nation”

The Nation

“The Nation”

X-Print Exchange

Theme: Loss

This is my final design and the actual series of prints I will be turning over to Chris Rollins with the X-Print Exchange for the first show at the Hiawatha Studios early in November.  The theme this time was “Loss”.   I realize that the image above may not immediately imply loss to everyone, as it’s only an outline of a foreign nation.  A small nation at that.  But what I’m hoping is that someone will notice what is missing, or conversely, lost.  The loss on display in this print is not just physical, but emotional and political.

The idea for this print came to me pretty clearly while I was reading a book I had long had on my shelves to read – The Belfast Diary (you should pick it up, or just read my review of it on my other blog, Read Good Stuff).  It wasn’t just the violence that erupted because of “the troubles”, but the inherent division of a people of the same nation that haunted me.  I felt compelled to do something, to do anything.

This is not going to end anything, and its not going to solve any problems.  I just wanted to get what I felt out and in the world.  To express my thoughts and feelings on the subject, and hope that others seeing this would feel something as well.

Space print Complete (Well, except for the signing and what-not)

Space Series CompleteHere it is in all it’s printing glory!  Above is the set of 25 all together.  Next up is one on it’s own & close up.


Here is a side-by-side with the picture I stole the image from.  Can you tell where the mis-cut occurred?  Yeah, I made a mistake and it took several times to correct it, obviously I didn’t do that good of a job hiding it huh?

Original vs Print

Here is the amazing press I used (yep, I used the store’s floor model – I mean why wouldn’t I use the perks of being the boss on this?).


This last one was for fun.  I didn’t want to waste the ink so I printed a couple of these on some scrap illustration board i found in the store stash.


Space Print Phase one and two complete, also slightly revised

Space PrintHere is phase two (phase one of the print was the drawing and carving which for some reason I never managed to get a pic of – sorry!) of the Space Print for the print exchange I’m doing.  I’m very excited about it even though I changed my ideas on what I was wanting to do.  It is a space shuttle (R.I.P.) seen floating from space with a brilliant blue ocean in the background.  I am very excited about how these turned out.  There are about 25 prints on this table and I still have phase three to print.  I only needed 21 prints, but I like to be carful and give myself a few test runs as it were.  The print itself is 5×7 on an 8×10 cut Legion Lenox 100 print paper.  It’s creamy and beautiful.  I should have phase three complete within the week as it’s due on the 7th of February and I’ll be in San Francisco from the 4th through the 7th.

Print Exchange

So I’ve been invited to participate in a print exchange.  The concept is “Space”.  It could be outer-space or inner space, or space in general.  Sounds intriguing huh?  The below are a few examples of what I’m thinking of as far as style and content are concerned.  Peace.


Maybe I should be a printmaker

I think I really like printmaking.  A lot.  The type of work and the finished products are so astounding.  Its a wonder I never tried this before!  I think I will just have to balance my time between painting and printing.  Also, here are a few links to some of my Seattle friends work, I think you’ll like them.

Don Deleva – Painter, Printmaker, Halo aficionado

Thomas Workman – Painter, Printmaker, and other stuff

Chris Rollins – Printmaker, and other stuff