8″ x 12″ (x2)


Oil on Canvas



Go Red Hawks!



Red Hawk – Sold

16 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

This is my first completed painting of 2014.  I have already sold it.  This was a commissioned piece that I just wrapped up this past week.  I switched back to acrylics to paint this for my client as I was obligated to complete this in January.  As it turns out I completed at a precipitous time for my client.  All in all I am very happy with this painting and the commissioning of it went very smoothly.


Those of you who know me, know that I am not the kind of person who makes Resolutions.  I just don’t see the point.  If you want to do something, just do it.  This year just feels ripe for something awesome for me.  To that end I have decided not only to share my work through this blog, but to take the next step and actively look for a way to show my work at a gallery, or alternatively, at an art inspired place.  What pray-tell will I show you ask?  All new stuff from 2014.  I have some ideas and some themes I will be exploring and sharing as I go along.  My plan is to have 5 to 10 paintings for the show with enough of them finished by mid-summer to start actively looking for a space to show.  So stay tuned, It’ll be a fun ride…


The new print exchange is here and the subject this time is “Loss”.  I will once again be apart of this exchange and hope to come up with something pretty awesome.  As I get things figured out I’ll keep you guys informed.  If you want to peruse previous exchanges, here is the link to the X Print Exchange Tumbler:


X Print Exchange



Also, as a side note, I have a few images I’ll be posting on the painting I have been doing…

Finding Things to Paint

Ok, so I’ve made my Gesso.  I’ve stretched my canvas.  I’ve even gone so far as to prime my canvas with my homemade gesso.  So why haven’t we seen any paint on canvas yet?  Well, it’s because I’m working on figuring out what to paint.  It’s actually kind of hard.  You have to paint something that has meaning for yourself (well, I do anyway) otherwise you’ll get bored and not finish.  You also have to come up with something that’s engaging and will get people (if you’re that person who wants to sell or show their work) to look deeper into the painting.  Then you have to figure out a way to make it into a “Series” so people can see your progression as an artist, or so you can tell a story.  It can be a bit overwhelming.

Also I’m psyching myself up for oil painting as I haven’t painted in oils since like 2004 or something.  I’ve also got family coming into town who will be staying in my studio/office so I won’t want to stink up the place while they’re here and I won’t want to have to reassemble my still life.  So in the next couple of days I’ll think of something and get started so you all can see that I’m actually painting in oils again.  Also, here is the still life I came up with.  I’m loving it and will probably just have to remake it after all the visits – no worries family!


Setting up for Oil Painting!

OilsNow all I need is a relevent, witty, and fun set of items to paint a still life.  Oh, and I need to actually stretch and prime that canvas.  I’m also thinking of making my own Gesso – Traditional Gesso – from marble dust and rabbit skin glue (I work in a place where I can get this stuff cheap).  Also I might need to swing by the good ole Goodwill for a double boiler to make the glue…